NeckFlow™- Neck Massager

Use the most recent technology to mimic the effectiveness of traditional massages and provide you with the quickest relief for neck pain.


The promise of ending stiffness and neck pain made true, from the comfort of your own home, or anywhere you want within just 10 minutes.


Unlike most massagers out there that sport two electrodes, NeckFlow™ is fitted with four of them to cover not just the neck but also the base of the skull. To top it off, the design is an ergonomic U-shape that fits the curvature of the cervical spine. This ensures all pain is driven out from the very root!

It Gives Immediate comfort from neck and shoulders tension due to excessive laptop, computer, smart phone use , desk work or any other activities. Small wearable electric pulse vibration stimulator massage device to improve the blood circulation, soothe tired muscles and relieve aches thoroughly. TENS pulse gets deeply into muscle for full massaging. Along with 38-42℃ hot therapy heating relaxer, it ensures deep and comprehensive message



Our TENS technology (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) provides instant relief and long-term results from the first application, sending low-frequency pulses deep into the muscle tissue for instant pain relief.

This, paired with a comfortable and compact design, adjustable intensity and 6 massage modes makes NeckFlow™ the most effective choice for neck pain treatment. Can be used whenever and wherever home, car, airplane, office etc.. material is skin friendly 4 massage heads arranged scientifically, precisely covering multiple segments of cervical spines.

Our massage neck device offers different options. Neck massager cordless comes with auto mode, pulse manipulation, hot compress manipulation, acupressure manipulation, knead manipulation, beating manipulation. This smart heat neck massage device offers various massage enjoyment according to your needs.


Wireless Neck massager machine comes with a remote control for super easy operation, large-capacity battery, this device can support 2-hour continuous use. Please follow the instructions and guidelines document for better performance and experience of neck shoulder massager neck relaxer pillow


Equipped with 6 modes that emulate traditional Chinese medicine massage manipulation, providing a comprehensive massage to bust cervical and postural stress. Automatic, vibration, pulse, acupressure, beating, and kneading.


1. Before use, first wet the skin with a wet towel and then put the device around the neck

2. Turn ON the power switch

3. Put the massager around the neck

4. Choose your massage mode and level of resistance

For starters, depending on your pain, we recommend 10 minutes sessions up to 4 times a day. Gradually, you can make your way up to 15 minutes sessions.

Be sure to read all cautions and consult your physician before using it.

Don´t use with other medical electronic devices such as pacemakers, electrocardiographs or heart-lung machines. This could be very dangerous.

Also, always consult your physician if you have any other medical condition.

Although NeckFlow™ will set a before and after in your neck health and well being, there are things you can do in your everyday life to maximize and improve results even further.

Carrying your head so that it puts the least amount of weight on your neck can help you to avoid aches and pains. Because our anatomies differ, there is a no one ideal head position. However, the following pointers can help prevent neck pain for most people:

  • Check your chair. If you are using the right postures and exercises to decrease your neck pain and you are still suffering, your chair might be the culprit. It might be just a matter of finding a chair that is the right height for your working surface.
  • Don’t lead with your chin. Avoid the tendency to thrust your head forward while you’re walking or even sitting watching television or conversing.
  • Elevate your work level. Raising your laptop, book, tablet, or cellphone to eye level can alleviate pressure on your spine. Look into getting a reading stand or an adjustable lap desk. If you use a desktop computer, adjust your chair, keyboard, and monitor appropriately.
  • Support your lower back. Your neck doesn’t exist in isolation. The force exerted by the effective weight of the head is distributed all the way down along the spine. Therefore, any support given to the lower spine relieves pressure on the neck.
  • Take breaks. When you’re engaged in a project that demands your full concentration, it’s easy to slip out of your best posture. Set a timer to remind you to get up, walk around, and realign your posture at least once an hour.

You´ll feel immediate relief after the first session. That said, depending on your injury, soreness or condition you may need a few sessions before start noticing long-term pain relief and healing.

Reviews From Satisfied Customers


Martin M.

the product matches the description, delivery was fast. It uses gentle pulses and soothing vibrations to stimulate blood flow and facilitate healing. I highly recommend it


Nicole P.

Works very well, used every day since its reception, effect to confirm in time but pleasant electric neck massage


Michael G.

Been using these for nearly a year on my husband and recently I bought another one. Painless and easy to use. Great value and quality.


Alex S.

Arrived quickly. Works like its supposed to. I hold a lot of tension on my neck after large bouts of work and after the first day of using it it made a huge difference. I´m honestly surprised with this. Good luck y’all!


Jessa M.

Very happy with the product. Price is right, it works very well and it’s beautiful. Thank you.


Bryan D.

I usually don’t like to write reviews. But honestly, this thing surprised me. Very high quality and it does everything it says!


Bernard S.

Very happy with the product. Price is right, it works very well and it’s beautiful. Thank you.


Stella G.

These were just as advertised. The package and box were all well packaged and nothing was open or damaged, as has happened to me with other brands before. Overall, very pleased with the product. I will definitely buy again